Wheelie Bin Rubbish Compactor

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STOP... Overflowing Rubbish Bins!

Is your rubbish bin always full?
Do you often have to climb inside to compact the contents of your FOGO* wheelie bin, trying to make more room?
Do you struggle with the strength required to compact the bin manually?

The Wheelie Bin Rubbish Compactor is a portable unit that uses a super easy lever to make more room in your rubbish bin.

  • Safe alternative to climbing inside the wheelie bin
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Great for the Environment by reducing the incidence of waste falling out of the bin
  • Simple use of a lever reduces the risk of physical injury

How does it work?

1. Open the wheelie bin

2. Hook the Wheelie Bin Compact Rubbish Crusher over the bin handle

3. Place the compactor plate in the centre of the waste

4. Pull down with both hands 

5. Store compactor by hanging on the rear of the closed rubbish bin


* FOGO stands for ‘Food Organics, Garden Organics’.

It is a Multi Bin system (240L and 120L) which consists of separate rubbish bins for recyclables, organic waste and non-recyclables. Depending on the local council, they are emptied weekly or fortnightly (which may cause issues with space!)

The FOGO system provides residents with more options for separating their waste with the aim to improve recovery rates, increase diversion from landfill and reduce costs of processing material. Organic waste diverted from landfill means less production of harmful greenhouse gas methane.

Food and garden organic waste in the FOGO bin is collected by waste trucks, pre-processed (to remove contamination) and then made into high-quality compost.

  • Wheelie Bin Rubbish Compactor Assembly Instructions
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