Slatwall Trim

Slatwall trim refers to the decorative and functional elements used to enhance the appearance and edge finishing of slatwall panels. It is designed to provide a clean and polished look while also protecting the edges of the panels. 

Edge Protection Slatwall trim is primarily used to protect the edges of slatwall panels from chipping, damage, or wear. It adds a layer of reinforcement to ensure the longevity and durability of the panels.

Enhance Appearance  Slatwall Trim pieces are available in various finishes, colours and styles, allowing you to customize the look of your slatwall installation. 

Seamless Integration The trim is designed to seamlessly integrate with the slatwall panels, providing a smooth and finished transition between adjacent panels. It ensures a professional and polished look for your slatwall display or storage system.

Types of Trim Slatwall trim typically includes corner pieces, end caps, and divider strips. Corner pieces are used to protect and finish the corners of the slatwall installation. End caps are placed on the exposed edges of the panels, providing a finished appearance. Divider strips are used to separate and define different sections of the slatwall, allowing for better organization and display options.

Easy Installation: Slatwall trim is designed for easy installation. It can be easily attached to the edges of the slatwall panels using adhesive and/or screws

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