About Shed and Shelving


Welcome to Shed and Shelving - Australia's premier  shelving and storage supplier

We are a family business and pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and an excellent quality product. 

Don't just listen to us, you will need to go to Bunnings, Masters and all the other shelving companies to do your research but you will come back to us once you realise that we have just what you are looking for and you will not pay as much for it!!


It is the Shed and Shelving mission to provide our customers with a top quality product at a reasonable price

Our service is second to none and we are consistently rewarded through the appreciative feedback from our extremely loyal customer base and the extraordinary number of word-of-mouth referrals

Our staff are completely invested in assisting our customers with a custom solution to their storage problems

With the backing and support of amazing manufacturers and suppliers, Shed and Shelving has 100% commitment to its customers because without them, we are nothing.