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Ombre Chic Dinnerware

Picture for project Ombre Chic Dinnerware

Gradually shifting from dark to light, the ombré effect gives these dish sets a subtle sophistication. The emergence of colour is both appealing and stylish no matter what colour you choose.

Wipe all ware with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.


Plate: On palette pour generous amount of Marshmallow Crème on one side and a smaller amount of Mango Tango on the other.
Brush one side of plate (approximately 2-3” from end) generously with Mango Tango.
Rinse brush well and mix a little Mango Tango with Marshmallow Crème to create a tint and brush a little into the first coat to blend. Next, brush remaining plate with Marshmallow Crème allowing Fan Glaze brush to softly blend the colors. Work quickly while paint is damp using one stroke of the brush from top to bottom. Let dry and repeat with two more coats. Let dry.
Brush back of plate with Marshmallow Crème or Mango Tango as desired. Let dry.
Repeat ombré blending technique with the medium plate.

Bowl: Brush 3 coats of the Mango Tango on the bottom section of bowl and repeat the ombré technique brushing upward with Marshmallow Crème at top area of bowl.
Brush three coats Mango Tango inside bowl. Let dry.
Stilt pieces on kiln shelf and fire to cone 06.


Repeat ombré techniques with these colours and Marshmallow Crème like in the Mango Tango grouping.
Stilt and fire all pieces to cone 06.